The St James Story and College Crest


Our Story

St James Lutheran College is a school of the Lutheran Church of Australia. Established in 2003 by the St James Lutheran Congregation of Hervey Bay as a part of their mission program, the congregation and college work together to create a supportive community for the students and their families.

The College is governed by the College Council which consists of local people who are appointed by the Lutheran Church of Australia, Queensland District. The Principal is responsible to the College Council and is charged with implementing the policies of the College and the day to day management of the school.

In October 2003, the college gained full accreditation after government examination of the policies, finances and operation of the school.

The College began operation in a demountable classroom block consisting of 4 rooms in 2003 with and enrolment of approximately 70 students. It has since grown to include 4 blocks of classrooms and a new Library building all of which compliment the existing buildings on site to house over 260 students in 2010.

An ongoing building program is planned to take the college to its first class of graduating Year 12 students in 2014.


College Crest

The crest of St James Lutheran College is represented by a cross and 3 shells on a shield.

• The teal green shield is a representation of the shield that God provides for his people, and signifies that he will always protect us.

• The gold reminds us how precious we are in God’s eyes.

• The 3 shells are the symbol for St James and are also a church symbol for baptism. These shells remind us of the Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

• The navy cross is empty which signifies the crucifixion, and subsequent resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ.