Business Directory Application

St James Lutheran College has developed the Parent Business Directory for the benefit of both the businesses and the parent body as a whole.  Businesses wishing to utilise this service must complete and submit the form below electronically. Businesses are responsible for ensuring all information supplied is correct and in full detail. It is the responsibility of the business to advise the College of the any changes to the information supplied that occurs during the course of the year.

Businesses may elect to supply a copy of their logo to be placed in the directory along with the business details within the St James Lutheran College website.  The logo must be submitted in jpg or png format via email to the Community Development Officer at

The business directory will be held on the College website at and the College app.  

The College reserves the right to reject any applications which it feels is inappropriate, offensive or in direct conflict with the Colleges’ Christian ethos. 

All College families will be supplied a “family” id card which can be used to identify College families.  These family id cards will last for a maximum period of 2 years.

The college takes no responsibility for any transactions that occur between the business and college families.

At least one month prior to the end of the term if the booking businesses will be contacted by the College to offer placement for the following year.  Businesses can elect to be removed from the directory at any time during the year by contacting the Community Development Officer.