St James Lutheran College is committed to the mission and ministry of the Lutheran Church of Australia through the delivery of quality, Christ-centred education.

The Strategic Plan underpins the direction for the College for 2016-2018.  It provides the current view of our strategic intent and is cognisant and appreciative of College history, identity, educational philosophy and fiscal responsibilities. 


To serve our community through high quality education in a caring Christ-centred environment; empowering our students to shape a better world. 


To be a leading model of innovative Christian educational excellence.


Love                                                      Courage

Justice                                                  Humility

Compassion                                       Hope

Forgiveness                                        Appreciation

Service                                                 Quality

Strategic Priorities

1.       Contemporary Learning

Developing educational experiences that continue to place our school at the forefront of education by:

·         Establishing a high quality, consistent pedagogical framework from P-12

·         Developing a built environment consistent with innovative best practice

·         Creating engaging and authentic learning opportunities

2.       Accessibility

Making our Christian school accessible for all families of the region by:

·         Working strategically to keep school fees within the means of working families

·         Establishing sustainable alternative income sources

·         Having a fully inclusive enrolment strategy across socioeconomic, cultural and faith traditions.

3.       Celebration

Sharing our vision, goals and successes with the community by:

·         Perfecting high levels of communication

·         Promoting our programs, activities and achievements broadly

·         Growing a common understanding of the Lutheran ethos and purpose