Pastoral Care

St James Lutheran College prides itself on our high levels of Pastoral Care.  All members of our community are valued and made to feel safe and welcome.  Teachers work hard to make authentic connections between home and school and the college has deliberate structures in place to ensure students’ pastoral needs are well met.  These structures include:
 Timetabled Pastoral Care lessons
a Class Carers Program
Morning devotions
Weekly chapel services
Involvement in the college of the congregational pastor.
Students in the older year levels are allocated 'Buddies' in the younger grades to give them support and reassurance, especially in the playground and eating areas.


The Parents and Friends Association have established a Care and Concern Group who specifically support families in times of both need and celebration.

Parents are invited to attend the weekly worship service. Worship services are held for the college on Fridays, at 9am for Junior School and 1:30pm for Middle School.  Morning Cuppa is provided for adults after the Junior School worship. St James Congregation worship at 8:30am on Sunday mornings, with the JAM Kids program fro primary school-aged children.


School Sundays

From time to time students will participate in the St James Lutheran Church Sunday worship service at 10.30am, usually once per year for each class.  These are known as School Sundays, and parents and friends are most welcome to attend. Attendance at these Sunday performances is compulsory for the children of the class leading the worship but the college acknowledges that there are sometimes other family commitments that make attendance not possible.