Jimmy's Cafe'

Jimmy's provides a 5 day a week service, families are able to purchase items for breakfast, first break and 2nd break.   The menu offers a variety of tasty options with a large selection of healthy choices. 

Primary School

Primary school students must pre-order any items that they require from Jimmy's Cafe, via either using the Myschoolconnect app or students will hand their orders to their teacher. These orders will then be taken over to Jimmy's by each class. All orders are required to be submitted before 8:30am each morning for same day service.  Orders will be batched up and delivered to each class for distribution to the students. Please note that ice creams are only available to Primary School students at first break.

Primary school children ordering breakfast or hot drinks should take their order to Jimmy's immediately upon arrival at school and wait there for the order to be filled. When they receive their order they are to move to the tables outside the Prep/Year 1 area where they should remain until they have finished eating. 

Secondary School

Secondary students have the option of pre-ordering via the Myschoolconnect app or purchasing items over the counter.  Please note that some items are only available for pre-order and are not available over the counter (please refer to the menu).   Pre-orders are to be submitted and collected from Jimmy's Cafe by the students.  Pre-orders are required to be submitted before 8:30am each morning for same day service. 


When placing a pre-order, please write the order on the front of a paper bag with the following details,

  • Students name
  • Class
  • Which break the order is required (eg recess or lunch)
  • Items and quantity required
  • Cost
  • Amount enclosed.

All pre-orders must be submitted to Jimmy's before 8:30am for same day service.

Payment methods

Payment methods available for canteen sales are through the Myschoolconnect app, cash and EFTPOS.  

2024 Jimmy's Canteen Menu  - Term 2