At St James Lutheran College, the Arts are a valued part of students’ everyday life.

We recognise that providing students with opportunities in the Arts enables them to: 

  • Strengthen problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which adds to their overall academic achievement and school success
  • Nurture College values
  • Stimulate and develop imagination and creative skills
  • Encourage team-building skills

Students in the Primary School and Secondary School are provided with many opportunities to engage in the Arts by participating in:

  • Arts Fest Week and associated competitions 
  • Dance Groups School musicals and productions 
  • Primary School and Secondary School Choirs
  • Various Bands
  • Individual Music Tutorial in a range of instruments – brass, woodwind, strings, piano and voice.

Events and performances that showcase our students’ skills include:

  • Creative Generation Excellence in QLD Senior Visual Arts Awards Exhibition.
  • Fraser Coast Regional Council Waste to Art Exhibition.
  • Whale Festival and Illumination Parade.
  • Media Arts Showcase
  • Film and Media Club short film and photography.
  • Arts Exhibition and Showcase.
  • Secondary School Production.
  • Dramatic Arts for Youth.