Secondary School

Middle School Curriculum

Year 7 to Year 9

At St James Lutheran College, we acknowledge the unique needs of learners in the Middle School, and have therefore designed our curriculum program to meet the needs of adolescents for a sense of belonging and an inquiry-based learning environment, as well as opportunities to work as corporate beings in a group context and engage their creative sensibilities.

The core curriculum offering in the Middle School comprises of;

  •        Christian Studies
  •        English
  •        Mathematics
  •        Science
  •        Humanities (History/Geography)
  •        Health and Physical Education

Year 8 and 9 students select two of the following elective subjects per semester.

  •        Language Other Than English (LOTE) –Japanese (Year Long)
  •        Performing Art
  •        Visual Art
  •        Design & Technology
  •        Food Tech
  •        Sports Excellence
  •        Digital Technologies
  •        Marine Science
  •        Science Technology
  •        Media Art 
  •        Outdoor Education
  •        Business Studies

Senior School Curriculum

Year 10 to Year 12

In 2021, St James Lutheran College will deliver a Senior School curriculum program with subject offerings that are based on the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) courses and the Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority (QCAA) syllabuses.

YEAR 10 

Throughout Year 10 students will engage in the following core subjects; 

  •        Religion and Ethics 
  •        English 
  •        Mathematics
  •        Science
  •        Health and Physical Education
  •        HASS

Year 10 students select two of the following elective subjects per semester.

  •        Early Childhood
  •        Engineering 
  •        Digital Solutions
  •        Business
  •        Aquatic Practices
  •        Hospitality 
  •        Legal Studies 
  •        Design
  •        Sport & Recreation
  •        Drama


Throughout Senior School Curriculum students will have the opportunity to study the following subjects during Year 11 and 12. 


  •        Specialist Math
  •        Math Methods
  •        General Math
  •        Essential Math
  •        Literature
  •        General English
  •        Essential English
  •        Biology
  •        Chemistry
  •        Physics
  •        Marine Science
  •        Psychology
  •        HPE
  •        Legal Studies
  •        Design
  •        Drama
  •        Digital Solutions
  •        Modern History
  •        Ancient History
  •        Health and Physical Education
  •        Geography
  •        Visual Arts
  •        Business


  •        Religion and Ethics
  •        Sport and Recreation
  •        Engineering Studies
  •        Hospitality Studies
  •        Aquatic Practices
  •        Science in Practice
  •        Visual Arts in Practice
  •        Sport and Recreation


  •        Cert II Hospitality
  •        Cert II Engineering

 Students wishing to engage in certificate courses outside of the College do so in negotiation with the senior studies support staff. 


Vocational education and training (VET) is an option for students in Years 10-12. VET qualifications and options include;

    •     Certificate I, Certificate II,  Certificate III, Certificate IV 
    •     Diploma and Advanced Diploma, and 
    •     Traineeships and apprenticeships.

    These qualifications can contribute credit towards a Queensland Certificate of Education. Students who wish to follow a vocational pathway will need to choose 6 subjects (solely Authority Registered OR a combination of Authority and Authority Registered OR/PLUS VET Qualifications OR a Traineeship /Apprenticeship.)


    Students will be able to explore the world of work through Work Experience. Students will be placed in a work environment that has been negotiated between students, parents and the organising body (e.g School/SITE). Students will attend work hours as instructed by their employers for the period of work experience.