The wearing of school uniform is compulsory at St James Lutheran College.  The uniform is available from Sauers Clothing located at 143 Old Maryborough, Pialba with off street parking available.  They are open Monday to Friday, 8.30 am – 5.00 pm and Saturday mornings between 9am and 12 noon.

MySchool Connect

The College will be selling formal hats, sports bucket hats and socks through the MySchool Connect  app.  Login to the app and select the St James uniform icon and follow the steps. Once your purchase has been made, the items will be delivered to your child's classroom. 


Parents are requested to buy the correct size for their child, so the uniform can be correctly worn and appear smart at all times e.g. boys’ shorts be worn on the waist, and girls’ skirts are also worn on the waist, and  length (Secondary School) is to be on the knee.  Parents are asked to name all items of clothing.


Wearing Uniform Outside of the College  
When appearing in public, and on the way to and from school, it is expected that students will wear their uniform with pride, including the correct shoes and hat.

Hair/ Nails/Makeup 

  • Hair is to be neat and tidy.
  • Hair needs to be pinned back off the face.
  • Hair is to be the student’s natural colour.
  • Hair below the collar is to be tied back.
  • Hairstyles deemed extreme by the College are not permitted
  • Facial hair is not permitted.
  • Hair bands and clips are to be navy, dark green, gold, white or black.
  • Fingernail polish is not allowed.
  • Makeup is not allowed.
  • No visible tattoos

Wearing of jewellery is to be limited to a watch, small cross and signet ring. Earrings are to be limited to one per ear and worn in the lower ear lobe. Earrings must be plain gold or silver studs or small sleepers. No other visible body piercings are allowed.

  *Students may be asked to remove smart watches during some activities. 

Casual Clothes Day Expectations
Students who choose to participate in casual clothes days must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • smart casual clothes are to be worn that enable the student to participate in all usual curriculum activities.
  • covered/closed footwear to be worn; no thongs or slip on shoes (toe and heel to be enclosed).
  • no midriff, singlet or ‘strap’ tops.
  • no inappropriate words, pictures or slogans on clothing.
  • no revealing necklines.
  • no ‘short’ shorts or mini skirts – length to be that of usual ‘skorts’ or school shorts.
  • normal requirements for hair, jewellery and makeup.
  • wide brim hat to be worn when out of the classroom.



Shirt - Teal/navy polo shirt with logo printed on front.

Shorts - Navy blue quick dry shorts with logo on front.


Shirt - Teal/navy polo shirt with logo printed on front.

Skort or short - Navy blue quick dry shorts with logo on front.


Socks - White with navy & teal trim.

Shoes - Plain black, lace-up, closed in, leather school shoe or plain black leather joggers. (Canvas shoes, sandals or boots are not acceptable.) (Wide white sole or sport symbols are not acceptable.)

* Prep to Year 2 students may have velcro

Hat - Navy blue, brimmed hat with school logo or navy blue reversible bucket hat with school logo and house colour.

WINTER - Boys & Girls (Optional)

Jumper - Navy polar fleece jacket with St James logo or micro-fibre jacket with teal trim and St James logo.

Pants - Navy track pants or long navy trousers (not cargo, not labelled, no stripes.)

*Girls can wear navy tights


You can purchase your house shirts through Sauers.  Primary students wear house shirts on Fridays for sport.



Shirt - boy’s shirt in green and blue stripes with plain white collar and sleeve cuff

Shorts - Formal navy shorts with expandable waist-band or long navy trousers. Plain black or navy belt (optional).


Shirt - girl’s shirt in green and blue stripes with plain white collar and sleeve cuff.

Tie - navy cross-tie with teal stripes with college crest.

Skirt - Girls’ A-Line skirt from the waist.


Socks - Longer length white socks with teal and navy trim

Shoes - The formal shoe must be a business shoe, which means a heel and not a flat sole. It must be black leather lace up and be polished. (It is not a sports shoe).

Hat - Navy brimmed hat with school logo

Winter -

Jackets - Navy micro-fibre jacket with teal green stripe and school logo.

Sports Pants - Micro-fibre pants to be worn with sports uniform only

Formal Pants - Button up navy pants 

Girls can wear opaque navy tights under their skirts.

SPORTS UNIFORM - Boys and Girls

Shirt - White graded through green and blue to navy on the shoulders with school logo on front and school name on the back.

Shorts - Navy blue quick dry shorts with logo on front.

Shoes - Predominantly white sports shoes (canvas not permissible).

Socks - White socks (either ankle or longer length) with teal and navy trim.

Hat –Bucket hat, navy with school logo.


Year Level                   Sports Uniform Days

Year 7                          Monday & Thursday

Year 8                          Wednesday & Friday 

Year 9                          Monday & Thursday 

Year 10                        Wednesday & Friday 

Year 11                         Monday & Thursday 

Year 12                         Monday & Thursday 

Please note: Some students may have some practical lessons on alternative days. These students are to bring their sports uniform that day and will be given time to change in the COLA change rooms for the lesson as required. 

Staff will contact families and advise when this is required.