St James Lutheran Kindergarten was created with a vision from the St James Lutheran Church Congregation of providing quality Christian education to the community of Hervey Bay.  

Experiences offered in the early years form the basis for development, learning and wellbeing for your child for the rest of their life.  At St James Kindergarten you child will be offered a safe and secure environment with respectful relationships.

Our Kindergarten program places a strong focus on meaningful and respectful conversations and interactions by children with both peers and educators. This further develops language skills and deepens understandings of your child’s current knowledge as well as challenge further thinking. There are many opportunities for play experiences in which children will learn and develop.

Planned and spontaneous experiences across all areas of development, including numeracy and literacy will challenge the children’s curiosity, problem solving skills and promote exploration and investigation. Throughout these activities, your child will learn from other children and educators while appreciating these contributions and the joy of working collaboratively. Your child will be exposed to a variety of learning materials, equipment and resources which will be used in many different ways to support and stimulate creativity and imagination.

Our Kindergartens operates 48 weeks per year, with an overseeing Service Leader.  The Kindergarten offers 3 to 5 year old children, with a play-based learning environment, where the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and Early Years Learning Framework are the approved curriculum's. 

Our Kindergarten programs are led by qualified Early Childhood Teachers and Educators, who recognise each child’s potential and are committed to guiding and extending their development and desire for learning.  They provide many opportunities to maximise your child’s learning and development in thinking, communication, sense of self and others, social living, resilience, health, wellbeing, culture, environment and spiritual understanding.

We take a holistic approach to early childhood education, ensuring we provide a safe and secure environment where children feel comfortable to be in control of their own learning, challenge their thinking and take risks to try something new, all within a caring Christian environment and context.

We love and value input from our families within our program and the everyday running of the Kindergarten.  We welcome parent participation and this special partnership encourages, and assists each child to develop to their full potential.

Our Kindergarten is part of the St James Lutheran College Community and offers a safe, supportive and nurturing Christian learning environment.  We are Government subsidy approved for Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate.

We are very proud to be assessed as meeting in all 7 areas of the National Quality Standards.

To find out about the Kindergarten program or to book a personalised tour contact us today. 

For a personalised tour and more information contact our Service Leader:

138-172 Pantlins Lane

Urraween, Hervey bay, QLD, 4655

PH:  (07) 41285593