Student Leadership

There are two Student Leadership Teams at St James Lutheran College. One team in the Primary School and one in the Secondary School.

The Primary School team consists of two of each of the following

  • Primary Captains
  • Primary Vice Captains
  • Worship Leader
  • Wellbeing Leader
  • Eli Sports Leader
  • McKenzie Sports Leader
  • Wabby Sports Leader

The Secondary School team which consists of two of each of the following:

  • College Captains (from Year 12)
  • Vice-captains (from Year 9)
  • Wellbeing Leaders
  • Cultural Leaders
  • Environmental Leaders
  • Academic Leaders
  • Eli Leaders
  • McKenzie Leaders
  • Wabby Leaders

The Secondary leadership team is supported by the Student Wellbeing Coordinator.  

All students across the College are encouraged and mentored to become leaders and part of the Student Leadership team.