Sport is an important part of college life.

All students at St James Lutheran College enjoy an active sport curriculum and have many opportunities to participate in inter-house and inter-school competitions, in addition to representing the school at district, region, state and country levels if successful.

St James has an annual carnival program that includes:

  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Cross Country

Following these events, students may be selected to participate further at local, district and state levels also.

St James students experience a variety of physical activities throughout their Health and Physical Education lessons, including: Basketball, Netball, Tennis, OzTag, Cricket, Swimming, Athletics, Archery, Lifesaving, Soccer, Canoeing, Indigenous Games, Hockey, Gaelic Football, Beach Volleyball, Touch and Ultimate Frisbee.

Students at St James Lutheran College also enjoy a vigorous House competition.  Our three Sports Houses are named after local waterways on Fraser Island: Eli, Wabby and McKenzie. These Houses regularly compete for the sporting achievement awards and the spirit awards for the annual House Shields.

As the college expands, involvement in weekend sport will be increased according to need and availability.  St James Lutheran College currently have representative clubs in the local Netball, Basketball and Football (Soccer) Associations.  

Student in the Secondary School are also able to compete in a variety of external sport and recreational opportunities, including, but not limited to:

  • Human-Powered Vehicle Events: Mayborough, Gold Coast, Willowbank
  • Netball: Club level, QISSN, Vicki Wilson Cup, Samsung Cup, Inter-school Comp teams
  • Oztag Competitions: All Schools State Cup, Fraser Coast Comps
  • Cheer Squad
  • Mountain Bike Club 
  • Fitness Club
  • Kokoda Challenge Teams
  • Tough Mudder and Spartan Race
  • Park Run


There are two Student Leadership Teams at St James Lutheran College. One team in the Junior School, consisting of Leaders with a variety of portfolios to support the life and culture of the college, and more specifically, the Junior School. The Secondary School has a Leadership Team, lead by the SRC Executive Team and meetings are facilitated by the Student Wellbeing Coordinator.  St James Lutheran College has two College Captains supported by two vice-captains in the Senior School. There are also two captains in Year Six as part of the Junior School Leadership and two captains in Year 9 as Middle School Leaders.

Presently we have three House Teams. Each House has their own House Captains in Junior, Middle and Senior School. There are also cultural and academic leaders in the Secondary School who have specific leadership responsibilities. 

All students across the college are encouraged and mentored to become leaders and part of the Student Representative Council. Each student from Years 6 – 12 maintain a Leadership passport, recording leadership experiences and skills they have developed to apply for badged positions if they so desire.