Instrumental Tuition

Instrumental tuition is open to all students via private tutors that operate their services within the college grounds.

Tuition fees are paid directly to the instrumental tutor with the cost being the responsibility of the family.

Tuition is currently available for the following instruments:
Strings - Guitar, Violin, Viola, Cello & Double Bass 
Brass and Woodwind - Flute 
Percussion - Drums & Piano
Other - Music theory & Vocals

2015 saw the launch of the musical instrument hire program. The hire program allows students beginning to learn an instrument within the College tuition program to hire an instrument from the College for a small fee. The maximum period that an instrument can be hired for is one school year; students wishing to continue on with instrumental tuition after this period must supply their own instrument.

Please note that the number and variety of instruments currently available for hire is very limited. To join the instrumental tuition program, download an Music Tuition Letter 2021. This form includes details such as the names of tutors, their contact details and costs involved. 

Enrolment Form
If you wish to hire an instrument, please contact Ms Michel details.