Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning allows your child to continue to learn even while at home or away from school. Learning platforms we utilise at St James provide content and resources delivered from your class teacher straight in to your home. They also give you a platform to communicate with you child's teacher as well as observe your child's progress and engage in their activities as well. 

Seesaw is one of the platform we use at St James to deliver class content and activities. Many of you have already seen the benefits of this system and the students are currently using it and love it. 

For families of students who are using SeeSaw please visit this link for information and how to get started.

This Learning at home document provided by SeeSaw is also worth a read for parents and guardians after a  little more information.

 Copy Of Best Practices For Learning At Home

GSuite or as previously known, Google Apps for Education is another complete online Connected Learning platform used by St James to deliver content as well as offer many tools and Apps to help students create work. It has the ability to allow collaboration between many users at one time on one document or many documents, just like you would be doing if sitting in the classroom.