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Affordable, quality schooling can be difficult to find. At St James Lutheran College, we pride ourselves on providing a supportive community atmosphere in which your child/children can grow. Students receive the best possible start in life because they are taught to respect each other and to respect themselves. They are also encouraged and shown how to succeed in today’s technological society.

Each child deserves a school that prepares them effectively for their future through offering guidance, support and encouragement. At St James Lutheran College, we work in partnership with parents/carers to provide this environment. Each student is valued as an individual and is encouraged to develop to the best of their potential: academically; spiritually; and in the sporting and cultural arenas. We are in partnership with you and your children; your involvement in your child’s education is vital.

This website contains information about our College’s structure and facilities. We would also like to invite you to visit us and see for yourself the quality schooling we can offer your child.

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Shane Altmann, Principal


31st October

A Nail That Changed The World

About 100km south of Berlin is a beautiful medieval village Wittenberg. This is the town in which Martin Luther used to preach and teach in the early 1500’s. 

On October 31st 1517, Luther nailed 95 statements onto the door of the Castle Church, protesting against a rather crooked practice that the church was into at the time. To raise money to build St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, the Pope was selling ‘indulgences’. They were basically bits of paper to get you, or someone who has already passed away, out of ‘purgatory’. The uneducated masses at the time assumed that if the Pope said it worked it must and they were parting with their rather scarce ‘hard-earned’ money so the Pope could live like a king. Luther wanted to start an academic argument against the practice with the local priests and teachers so he nailed up his arguments as was the custom in those days.

He changed the world. Luther effectively started The Reformation. The printing press was the latest thing and Luther’s ideas and words spread like wild fire. The political climate was right. The German princes wanted to cast off the burden of Rome so instead of being burned as a heretic Luther was protected and the rest is history. The Catholic Church branched off into Lutherans, Anglicans (Henry VIII a few years later), Dutch Reform, Presbyterians and a myriad of other denominations.

Luther’s argument was simple. A bit of paper won’t get you into heaven; money won’t buy you eternity and put you right with God. Only God will. Luther had a light-bulb moment when he found the Bible verse in Ephesians that says, For it is by grace alone that we are saved through faith, and even this is a gift from God, not through our own works so that no one can boast. Luther understood that Jesus saves us we are not saved through our own effort.

As a Lutheran School we remember this special historical event. The re-discovery of the Gospel, the beginning of the Lutheran Church and its long tradition of education that stretches right back to Luther himself and his desire to teach people what was right and good.

So if you are ever in Germany just south of Berlin, pop into Wittenberg and have a look around that amazing little town where a single nail changed the world.  

International Trips

Our first group of students have just returned from Japan with many wonderful stories to share.

Nadine, one of our Year 12 students put together a video of her experience.  To view the clip, click HERE.

Plans are coming along for next year's trip to Spain and Germany. Students in Years 10-12 are eligible to attend. Please contact the College for more information.


Click here for next year's dates.



Lutheran Youth of Queensland (LYQ) run a brilliant camping program. Camps are run by trained leaders and held at excellent venues. LYQ is an approved registered childcare provider with means that parents and guardians can claim back a portion of the camp fees from Centrelink. 

During the Christmas Holidays they run a number camps for different age groups. Click on the titles for more information. 

EXPLODE - 7-13 Dec 2014, Grades 7-10.

JUNIOR EXPLODE - 7-13 Dec 2014, Grades 3-6.

BLAST - 14-19 Dec 2014, Grades 7-10.

JUNIOR BLAST - 14-19 Dec 2014, Grades 3-6.

EXPLODE AND BLAST 2 WEEK PACKAGE - 7-19 Dec 2014, Grades 7-10.

KIDS CAMP - 12-16 Jan 2015, Grades 3-7(in 2014).

St James has in the past made bus travel available when there have been sufficient numbers attending camps.


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